Excellent Locations for Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photos, most people hire a professional photographer to take photos on the actual day of the wedding, as well as dedicated pre-wedding photos. The photos on the day will be snapshots of the main event – the ceremony, the reception, all the guests at different times, and all the key moments of the wedding. The main accessories that need to be captured in the photo are wedding rings. The professional photographer always pays sufficient attention to this aspect. Therefore, it is worth considering buying unique wedding rings from the brand Segal Jewellery. Pre-wedding photos are different, and as the name suggests always take place before the wedding day itself. These photos allow the bridge and groom to pose in a collection of portraits that will truly serve as an artistic visual representation of their love. Here are some ideas for pre-wedding photoshoots.

The Time of Day

There is something particularly romantic about having photos taken of a couple as the sun goes down. For these sunset snaps any beach location looks great. You can also get onto the east side of the Sydney Harbour to have the iconic bridge and opera house behind you, with the sun also setting. Early morning is also a great time for photo shoots. Try floral shots like at the Botanic Gardens and the morning sun will really set the scene against the colours of the flowers.

The Weather

Of course, ideally we’d like some of that great Aussie sunshine to come out and brighten our day during our pre-wedding shoots. But we can’t choose the weather, and just because it’s raining or cloudy on the day doesn’t mean we have to return home disappointed. Any Sydney wedding photographer should be able to turn even the gloomiest of days into dramatic, stunning visual images. A lot of how the photos turn out will be up to the technical expertise of the photographer, but also the locations you choose.

Indoors or Outdoors

All too often we think of outside locations as natural settings for pre-wedding photographs, but even if the weather is still fine there is a lot of appeal in taking photos indoors. There are plenty of artistic places indoors all around the city of Sydney that can add visual effects to your pre-wedding photos. Think of elegant floor tiling, or detailed lighting in some of the city’s older buildings.

The Seasons

Usually we’ll plan a wedding date and stick to it. That date could be in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our pre-wedding photos also have to be in the same season. If you know when your wedding is going to be well ahead of time, there is nothing to stop you hiring a photographer to take photos early. For something different, you can also take photos at the same locations in all four seasons and then see how they compare.

Creating the Best Pre-Wedding Photos

There are many elements we must combine to create the most visually appealing pre-wedding photos. Often we don’t think too much about these factors, but if we start planning early enough we should be able to get exactly the kinds of look and feel that we want in our photos. Your photographer should be experienced in these different elements, and be able to work with you to advise you of best locations to produce your pre-wedding photos.