A Guide to Arranging a Wedding Reception

Weddings bring out the best in people, and for the guests, aside from witnessing the union of two people, the reception is an integral part of the social calendar. While it might be tremendous fun to attend a wedding party, organising one takes a very clear head. The planning would begin months in advance, and if this task is soon to be your responsibility, here are some things to bear in mind.

The Venue

This is without doubt, the most crucial of choices, as the venue can literally determine the success of the event. Ideally, you would seek out a hotel or resort that has extensive experience hosting wedding receptions, and if you happen to be based in WA, there are many excellent Hunter Valley wedding reception venues, and with online booking, you can be sure of your reservation. It makes sense to use such a venue, as they would have all of the amenities you require, such as media equipment, a large ballroom, and adequate accommodation for your overnight guests.

The Budget

Before you can plan any event, a budget must be set, and this will determine the scope of your wedding reception. Once you have a figure in mind, you can begin to break down the items and services you will require, and then set about sourcing them. The Internet is always a good place to source products or services, and some clever browsing should see you in touch with the right providers, and with some price comparisons, you can stretch that budget a little further.

The Entertainment

You have several choices here, some people prefer to have a DJ on hand, which is always popular among the guests, and perhaps some live entertainment with a good comedian. A live band is another option, and they would have several party repertoires that you could choose from, but whatever your choice in entertainment, make sure you have some variation. The hotel or resort would certainly be able to make some recommendations, as they would have a long list of professional acts that are called upon at times, and this allows you, the event organiser, to focus on other aspects, leaving the entertainment to the professionals.


One mustn’t forget the basic requirements, such as adequate parking, and if you know how many people are attending, you can easily calculate the number of vehicles to expect. Any large hotel or resort would have sufficient parking, but if the venue is a private hall, for example, check that there is adequate parking facilities.


Another reason why a hotel is the best venue, is the dining amenities, and no matter how many people are on the guest list, they would have suitable dining space. If you plan to outsource the catering, be very sure they are experienced and reliable, because if the caterer fails to show up, then the reception is in serious trouble.

Choosing the right venue is the key to a smooth reception, and with online solutions, you can easily make a reservation, and with some collaboration, the event is bound to be a success.