How to Bring a Sparkle to Any Wedding!

You would think with all that lace and fancy clothing that a wedding would be the last place that needs any help in being fancy or more sparkly, but you would be wrong! That is because when it comes to weddings, you can never have too many things to say that this is a special occasion. Even if you don’t count the fact that we read all the time in the newspapers how one out of every two weddings end up in divorce, it is still an awesome thing to watch two people stand up before everyone they care about and pledge to be there for each other for the rest of their lives. We know that on that day we all mean it, regardless of what happens in the years to come.

Bring on the Sparklers

So how can we bring more beauty, more love and more sparkle to this ceremony of fidelity, love and lasting care? I guess you could start by adding in some sparkler action during the ceremony if it is a night ceremony. While we may think of sparklers as being those cute little hand-held items that kids love to wave through the air on the Fourth of July, sparklers have become so much more. Today there are party sparklers that are three feet long and have a long-lasting spark to them that will brighten up any wedding. So how about starting off that wedding ceremony with an arch of sparklers for the bride and groom to walk through on their way to saying their vows? While you may want to simply hand them out for the reception, especially if it is at night, this would make a spectacular entrance on any night wedding.

Crystal and White

While a white wedding may be simply seen as the basic to any wedding ceremony, when you add plenty of sparkly crystal to it you have a wedding with a special sparkle. I have seen weddings that are held outdoors in a big tent, complete with crystal chandeliers, cut glass goblets for toasting and sparkling little crystals scattered across tablecloths at the reception. Just think over the top and you can achieve this kind of sparkle too.

All that Glitters

Some brides and their helpers at a do it yourself wedding just can’t get enough of the old glue gun and glitter. When done right you can make a wedding that sparkles and still has that down-home feeling. How about mason jars that have had golden glitter sprayed across them for that extra bit of sparkle at the reception tables? This can turn the humblest glass jars into a thing of beauty and you can even give them away at the end of the night to cut down on the trash or number of things you are planning to bring down to your local thrift store.

Ready for more glitter? How about adding that lovely sparkle to little light bulbs and make the whole place shine in one big sparkle? You can even stack up old light bulbs in glass jars, with everything from the light bulbs to the jar coated in gold and silver glitter, for a center display at each table that will sparkle all night.

So, don’t just limit yourself to one thing if you plan on having a sparkly white and gold or silver sparkle wedding. Get out the crystal and glitter and light up those sparklers. Shine that sparkle on the love between these two lovebirds and celebrate the day.