Make Your Wedding Unique: Flowers with Personality

The planning of a wedding is an exciting time. There are, however, many things to accomplish. It may seem like there is plenty of time when you first begin, then the date begins to sneak up fast. The décor of the wedding is often done by a professional. Flowers are a major part of the ambiance at a wedding. Until you have to plan the wedding, you may not realise how many flower arrangements are actually involved. Such flowers are available in classical arrangements, as well as some unique and modern ones.


Traditional weddings often have a mainly white or light-coloured theme. Gone are the days, however, when bridesmaids are expected to wear pastels, and the décor blends into the background. Modern weddings often have splashes of colour. These can easily extend to the flower arrangements. There are many different options for wedding flower packages in Brisbane.  A primarily white arrangement can be accented with red or orange roses, for example. Flowers can be added to match the colours used in the wedding party as well. Many brides may also simply have a favourite colour.


Different flowers may be more prevalent during different times of the year. When a wedding date is chosen, you can begin to research the flowers naturally in bloom during that time of year. This is also helpful when you are trying to keep your expenses low. Seasonal availability has a lot to do with the cost of flowers. Out of season flowers can be difficult to obtain, therefore costing much more to bring in and use.

Fresh Delivery

When you want your wedding to be perfect, it is also important to consider delivery and setup options for the flowers. There is no reason to have flowers wilting during the ceremony or reception. It is a good idea to speak with the florist early on to find out how close to the event the flowers can be delivered. You also may be paying a setup fee, whether it’s the florist, your wedding planner, or a friend. Someone has to have some creative ability when it comes to designing the layout for the flower arrangements. Plan ahead for a fresh delivery and setup.

Special Touches

Flowers do not have to remain only a background decoration. Bring them to the forefront in an outdoor wedding with wildflowers all around the altar and on reception tables. You can also have an arch made of a trellis with flowers woven throughout. Many people enjoy standing under these to say their vows and use them for photo opportunities for the rest of the event.

The many different options for floral arrangements far exceed what you have come to expect from weddings in the past. Creative colour combinations and seasonal plants can easily add a unique touch to your wedding décor.