Thinking Beyond the Wedding Dress

Making wedding plans can be one of the most exciting moments in just about every woman’s life. He has proposed and you said yes. The date is set and now the real crunch comes, the plans. If you are lucky enough to have a mother still around when this all happens, especially if she happens to like your proposed partner, this can be a great time of bonding between the two of you.

For some brides, it can be a time to become closer to a father that now realizes his little girl is all grown up and moving away. But even if you are planning this wedding on your own, there are so many details to think about from location to who to include in the wedding party and where to hold that gigantic celebration called a wedding reception.

So, to help, we are going to look at a few smaller details that can often be missed when planning for this all-important date in your life. It can be a simple thing, like deciding to include sparklers for that night wedding, like wedding sparklers from Sparklers Online.

It can be a big thing such as having a Plan B for if the weather doesn’t cooperate with you. Here are the handful of things we feel can slip past the most organized of brides-to-be when planning for that big day. Pay attention, brides!

Budgets and Their Importance

One of the biggest blunders many brides do when they are handling all the details themselves is to not take that budget they set as seriously as it needs to be for the wedding to be successful. You know how much you can afford and if you spend it all in one place, or worst of all you don’t set a budget that is itemized, you will soon find yourself adrift without a net. Make that budget, allocated for everything including a disaster that needs to get fixed fast, and stick to it.

Research Everything

Shooting from the hip is all very fine but it doesn’t work for weddings. So, unless you and your beloved are planning to run away and get married in secret, be ready to research everything from the going price of wedding dresses to the tips expected by the bartender at the reception. As they say, knowledge is power and nothing will make you feel powerless faster than having something come up mid-wedding you didn’t expect because you didn’t do the research.

Know Your Vendors

This many be the single most important day of your life. However, to your vendors it is just another wedding among hundreds of others that they handle. Take the time to really talk to your vendors before you hire them, find out if they are the kind that will step in when something goes south. Can you count on them to fulfill their end of the bargain? Stay in touch with them right up to the day of the wedding and remember to hold up your end of the contract as well.