Wedding Theme Ideas To Inspire You

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming prospect, so it helps to have a little inspiration to guide you toward the ideas that will work best for you. Gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings that all blurred into each other. These days, creative themed weddings are all the rage. If you want your day to have a distinctive theme but can’t decide where to begin, consider these popular options to give you some ideas to work with.

Vintage Wedding

Vintage can mean a lot of different things, depending on your interpretation of the word. Generally speaking, a vintage wedding embraces the old-fashioned and evokes a feeling of nostalgia in its guests. A soft or neutral palette works best when it comes to the colour scheme of a vintage wedding, and the décor should be tasteful, sophisticated, and filled with beautiful details. There are several wedding reception venues melboune that are ideal for creating a stunning vintage themed wedding, just remember to get creative with your décor to create an immersive experience.

If you’re planning a vintage wedding and are about to begin gown shopping, look out for unique, elegant gowns that incorporate plenty of lace. Some brides choose to match their bridal dress to a particular time period – the 1920s can be a great period to work with if you’re looking for some historic fashion inspiration.

Rustic Wedding

Another popular option this year is the rustic theme. Once again, this theme is open to interpretation and can be played with to suit your personal taste and vision for your special day. A perfect countryside location is ideal for rustic weddings, and you’ll need plenty of flowers and natural details to really bring the space to life. Wildflowers, repurposed wood furnishings, and décor with a natural, organic feel all work well for this theme.  For the bridal look, long flowing hair with a bohemian style gown perfectly complements the rustic atmosphere.

Sophisticated Romance

Romance should always be the focus of your wedding day, so it’s no surprise that classic romance is a great starting point for design themes. When using this theme for your wedding, think sophistication first and foremost. Colours like deep red, subtle pale pink, and white will all work perfectly for the theme, and the décor should be elegant and high-class. This theme can be tricky to pull off on a tight budget, but when done right it can have a spectacular impact.

Beach Wedding

We’re lucky enough to live in a country with plenty of beaches, so why not make use of the natural beauty around us and have your wedding in the great outdoors? You can flesh out your seaside theme by using sea shells, shades of blue, and a natural-looking alter made with wood and garlands of flowers. Don’t forget to create a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere to make your guests feel like they’re enjoying the perfect summer holiday while attending your wedding. The beach theme should extend into your menu choices too – think seafood, seaside classics, and plenty of ice cream.

It’s important to keep logistics in mind if you’re opting for the beach theme – make sure you time your date with good weather as a priority, and choose your wedding dress, shoes, and hairstyle wisely to allow for a little wind and sand.